Saturday, May 22, 2010

Eps. 93: A face full of toilet water air

Finally a new episode!!! was kind of busy working this week, but I got some free time to post this episode full of...toilet stories, nicknames and chocolate bars, art and animation, and so much more. (listen at the right of the page or subscribe with itunes).

Here's some semi-animated audio from eps. 92...the poo stick story.

Tania V did some nice fan art of Ripley...the other cat.
And the Curtis and Tara Store has been updated with some new products...mugs, shirts and a bunch more great stuff. With these new designs as well as the CandT logo... More stuff coming soon.

Enjoy the show.


Blake said...

Too much to take in at once! I have to poo now.

BrokenTV said...

yay, my art is up. :)


"relax, nothing is under control."

- Adam Freeland 'Under Control' Lyrics.

Ron said...

An awesomely true story.

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