Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eps. 94: I'll be on the mountain

Hey guys, Here's a brand spankin' new episode (listen at the player to your right)
Filled with Listener Questions, Host answers, animation nonsense, facebook tom-foolery, Milo breaking things, Ted Talks, and of course...More.

Here's some great "Teds" in case you missed 'em.


geiger said...

i havent listen to this episode of the show yet, so perhaps you covered this one, but this is by far my favorite TED talk.
i felt it put a lot into perspective.

Blake said...

hohohohahaha, that old guy is going to feel silly when he finds out in the end that God made everything.

Doesn't he know that Dinosaurs and Jesus existed at the same time?!!

Hoohoohaahaa, oh silly bone is ringing indeed...INDEED!!

BrokenTV said...

Actually since I live in the older side of Montreal, it was a 3 floor building.

And when I mean old, I mean crooked floors and red bricks.

And yeah, there were too many words in that sentence. But that's just cause I like words.

And... so your saying if we want to do some fan animation, we totally can? Not that I will cause I'm lazy.

Curtis said...

Not only can people do fan animation, I'll send people some Milo audio to animate to if they want it.

Why? because I'm too lazy to animate as well.

I love fan art, fanimation...I love fans just being fans...and maybe doing some fanning.

Curtis said...

Oh yeah we watched that ted too. I love that one! Education has turned into a training ground for "workers" not a place where people get educated and interested in learning. It's sad.

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