Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode 92: Teaching you to hate better

Today we'll talk about, high school plays, inappropriate camera sounds, bathroom etiquette, stories of animation studio's past and the stick you can use as a shovel.

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Blake said...

HAHA, "Tommy Actor Pants". I think everybody should be named like this. Their name, their job plus some article of clothing.

So I would be "Darryl Artist Boots"

Tara said...

I'll be "Tara Teacher Hat" haha Curtis can be "Curtis SelfEmployed Plaid Shirt"

chumpmonkey said...

just finally got to this episode. four things:

1. i was in high school theatre. so... thanx.

2. do you happen to know the title of this play you saw? because, when i was in high school theatre (thanx, by the way), a firend of mine and i wrote a play (which at the time i thought was hilarious, but before too long i had came to realize was pure crap, and i'm glad the class voted it down, and that no copies of it still remain... i hope) about a pirate ship fully crewed by women, except the captain and the effeminate first mate, and i'm ready to start with the suing.

3. curtis, you stand up to wipe? i now officially know too much about you to be comfortable around you ever again.

4. i'll be don worthless, unemployed government siphon socks.

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