Saturday, March 6, 2010

Episode 83: Listen Tiger!

Finally, Episode 83 is done, episode 84 will follow shortly.


Thomas Collin said...

I don't know if it was because it took so long to update, But this was your funniest episode yet. I was tearing up.

Blake said...

Of course you wouldn't starve. If you are in the deer, then its obvious that the deer is dead. So just eat the deer from the inside. If anything, you come out at the end of the week having gained weight from all the deer you ate.

Tara said...

OK Hansel! You can' be eating the DEER that's your HOME!!! if you eat your home you'll have no where to live! Come on man! THINK DAMN IT!!!!

chumpmonkey said...

sorry, guys, i just finally got to listen to this episode now. i agree with this thomas individual, funniest episode yet.

as for the deer/ hobo conundrum, feel free to call me some time and we can hammer out the details. but darryl, the rules clearly state, there is nothing to eat except a bag of chips. therefore, eating the deer is in clear violation of the contract. you're under arrest.

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