Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hamster Versus Knife...Fight!

Due to power outages, the new show is not ready for upload. Here's some weird animation in the meantime. Hopefully the power stays on long enough to get this uploaded.



Blake said...

So you guys have been without power for how long?

BrokenTV said...

Funny, I read something about New-Brunswick's power supply not too long ago while waiting for the Metro (Subway).

.. I don't remember what it said though. Something about the government talking to the public about power?

Anyway power outages suck... So I hope it gets all fixed up soon.

Curtis said...

It's just in and out every time it snows or rains...or if there's to much of a stiff breeze.
But it's only our side of the street. So that's good...for the "other-siders" as we've started calling them.

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