Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Episode 84: Hotel-Cast, with noisy neighbors

Epsisode 84 is up and good to go.

...And the fruitiest Han Solo
Weee look at me I'm Han Solo,
All he needs now is a parasol and a
daiquiri and a sailor to smootch!


Blake said...

I too wait for a whole show to be released before I watch it. I can't wait a whole week to find out what happens, that's nuts!

Same goes for Morgan from Dexter, the few episodes where it looks like she is going to get killed. My reaction is, "Fantastic, get her out of the show has soon has possible." I can't wait for when the episode comes when Dexter has to kill her.

Also looking forward to the second season of Fringe too. Its like a cool X-files and after awhile, Dawson Creek guy becomes bearable.

Biff said...

Who's 'Morgan' from Dexter? Deborah Morgan?

Curtis said...

Yup, She's the worst. Deb Morgan that is.

chumpmonkey said...

um... "w've become aware of that which what we hate we are"? no. not grammatically correct.

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