Friday, November 18, 2011

155! Crossing Over with The Medium sized Hobo

Episode 155 is a road show... We headed out of town and meet up with Ben and Mike over at The Medium sized Hobo Podcast for a special Cross over episode.

We'll let you know when the other half of the show is uploaded over at The Medium sized Hobo Studios... Until then Feel free to listen to the other episodes that don't have any Curtis or Tara... but they're still fantastic.


Janet said...

arrgg, I felt like I was the designated driver at some party.

Where everyone around me gets drunker and drunker and they are all enjoying themselves while the sober person sits there bored and wants to go home.

Not the best idea for the show, but hey, don't feel down about it. This is just one bad show out of many!!

Keep up the great podcast.

Curtis said...

Yeah.. it was a pretty messy episode.

You should totally check out the first half... (before it got soo drunk) On the Medium sized Hobo.
It was much more structured with some great great stories. Some of my favorites actually.

I still thought they were both fun episodes. More to come soon... 156 should be the most horrific episode yet... but in a funny way.

Thanks for liking the other episodes Janet.

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