Thursday, December 1, 2011

156. V for Vendettasectomy!

Episode 156 is a surgery adventure that you can feel in you groin. Prepare yourself for cringe-fest 2011 and listen to a story 'bout quaint afternoon visit to the hospital.

Tara's 11 Second Club Entry


after3 said...

I didn't understand The animation AND I'd like to blame it on you but if experience has taught me anything it's that I'm not smart enough to get it. a3

Curtis said...

The 11 second club gives you 11 seconds of audio clipped from a movie. Then animators do an 11 second lip sync with the audio using whatever characters they want.
(Most people just use pre-rigged 3D Characters and practice doing 3D acting lip-syncs)

It goes by pretty fast, but basically Tara's got David Blain and Chris Angel doing the talking while Chris cuts the head off of a bunny... The Bunny is not impressed. So Tara gave some of the dialogue to him.

I always want to add like 30 seconds to the 11 second club because I feel like I can't get an idea across in only 11 seconds.
But that's against the rules... so I never join the club.


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