Saturday, July 10, 2010

Episode 97: You'll never make it Curtis!

We talk about cake boss, Sharon Ozbourne makes a guest appearance, AND
questions answered!!!!

Now check out some adorable cakes by MelissaAnd here's a Link to Bryan and Eva over at Bleeding Pixels.
Video game podcasting fun by some actual Gamers.

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Blake said...

If Sharon Osbourne every makes another quest appearance on your show, I will have to make a special trip to MERA-MEEC-IE and kill her :)

Squirrels, what if I got a hankering for some fried squirrel legs?? Is it OK to blow their faces on then?

Blake said...

OH, I forgot, I also would like to make an official application to be the director at Curtis's House. I can direct a mean plum and have some peaches here of my own, even some kiwi's

Curtis said...

Ohh, I'm sure she'll be back. Vampire Bill drops by in episode that more up your alley?

Blake said...

Are you trying to push me away, is that it?!

I will leave...I will leave and never come back, just watch me!!

Curtis said...

NOOOOOO!!!!!!! Just tell me what will make you happy and we'll do it!

Tara said...

Don't worry Darryl, pretty sure Sharon has no idea how she was talking before and will not be able to "do that voice" again ;)

Evee said...
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Freux said...

Hey Tara n' Curtis!

Now I'm a bit terrified. With a pimpage like that- Bry wants to start podcasting again- and people are going to be visiting the site expecting some sort of podcasting related content.

Suddenly this summer got interesting.

Also.. 7000 dls= 500 and 2000= 20. We need to step it up.

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