Sunday, July 26, 2009

Eps. 48: It's a picture of a face

Episode 48

The Art and times of Mirco

The Comedy of Taylor Mali (find tons more on YouTube)


Thomas Collin said...

Did I hear you guys mention the smurf comics? Because that would be awesome. I haven't met anyone else who's read those in like 13 years.

chumpmonkey said...

wait a minute, you really are in therapy? i thought that was a joke! aw, man, now i'm an insensitive jerk! what a rip!

chumpmonkey said...

oh, by the way, i listen to the podcast on my ipod these days, as i travel to the waterfront and back. so i was sitting in the ferry terminal listening to it and i actually laughed out loud in this very public place, sitting by myself, at "plan b is learning from your mistakes".

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