Thursday, July 16, 2009

Eps. 47: "Did you see me there?"

Episode 47
The Audio is pretty low at times in this episode. A problem that I will correct with the next episode.

Thanks for listening, voting and commenting.


Thomas Collin said...

Dude, hilarious show. Very entertaining.

But the levels are FUCKED. I needed the volume turned all the way up to hear the voices, and whenever the Garage band music edits came on, I nearly shit myself from being startled. It was SOOOO LOUD!

Curtis said...

Yeah....I know.
Like I said, I'll have it fixed for next episode. We were way to far from the Mic, and the "Mic Volume" was set way too low. My mistake. It sounded great in the test record, but I effed it up on the way to the actual record.

Blake said...

yeah, I don't know if I can listen to such unprofessional work.

This will be hard to recover from!

I guess I will have to listen to the Top 1 for July, Free Talk Live.

Shame on you, fooooor shaaaaaaaaammmme!

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