Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Eps. 34 Cream of anything soup

Eps. 34 Cream of anything soup

Don's Trivia Question:

-I'm thinking of two movie titles.

-Each title is also the title of a song.

-Both titles share one word in common.

-Both movies star the same actor in the lead role.

-Both songs are by the same artist/ band.

-Neither song is on the soundtrack of the movie with which it shares a title.

-One of the movies, however, does have a different song on its soundtrack by the same artist/ band.

so, for 5 points, name for me:

1 and 2: the two titles in question.
3: the name of the actor who stars in both films.
4: the name of the artist/ band who performs both songs.
5: the title of the other song by the same artist/ band that appears on the soundtrack of one of the two movies.

Feel free to send me your answers, and I'll tell the world what you thought Don was thinking.


Blake said...

Don is thinking of "The Mad Moses Ponies"

Don't deny me, I know I'm right. Just like nuts and gum.

chumpmonkey said...

i literally almost fell off my chair laughing at "then i went home for crumpets and sweater vests".

Holly Yerkie said...

Sweet, I love getting mentioned. I feel loved, but it's also a forced love, so I'm not so sure how I feel about that :P

lidstone21 said...

please tell me the answer so I can sleep tonight.

Curtis said...

Greg listens to us talk?!?! wow, I honestly thought we were way beneath Greg's standards.



Tara said...
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Tara said...

Holly it's not forced! we do love you! Curtis hold still and say you love Holly, say it, SAY IT!!!!

I love you...

Tara said...

I pretty sure the answer is "The Lake House" and "Miss Congeniality...2"

Tara said...

oops, I mean "THE" Miss Congeniality 2

Gillian said...

:'( RIP Vertigo

Where is Everybody?