Thursday, May 14, 2009

Episodes 32 and 33 are Finally uploaded.

Yup, we're really behind. It's sad but true.
So here's 2 new episodes(even though they're really about a week old)

Episode 32: Extra Late Episode, with too many spoons.

Episode 33: Keeping "In Touch"

And I've got 2 more episode to put up on Monday. Then we'll be all caught up.

Ps. Episode 35 is a special StarTrek episode, where we pretty much just talk about star trek, and the new star trek movie. So if you don't want it ruined for you, skip Eps. 35 until you've had a chance to see it.



Blake said...

News show??!! Phew..I was beginning to make up my own show of what you guys say.

Curtis said...

That sounds pretty good to me.

Adam said...

Listening to ep.33, To clear up your confusing on the "another guy we don't know". I went to school with Ben in Truro, I was in first year when he was in his 2nd. Also I've listened to all the dear internets stuff too. So I kinda feel like I know ya in a way, yet I don't. Oh yeah, I guess I know Ron too as he was teaching us in school as well for a bit.

Curtis said...

Ohhh, you're that Adam, I think I "didn't"
Know you, the first time when Ben told me who you are.
Maybe now I'll rember,

Thanks Adam

Holly Yerkie said...

Hey, the Baby Bumblebee song! In grade school, four and a half hour bus rid from Callander to Toronto. That, and many other memorable songs (Like, 'the littlest worm' and 'found a peanut') Were sung non stop, there and back. It's probably why we didn't do the trip a third time.

And what would you gain from suing me? My many many many pets? Here, have some gerbils!

You want a rabbit? We got a rabbit. How about some apple snails? Zebra finches? Beta fish? You could take Lindsay's cat...but you can't have mine.

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