Monday, March 9, 2009

New Episodes? Technical Difficulties?

Hey C and T subscribers,

Seems we're having problems uploading episodes to our podcast hosting sight.
As of now I have no idea when it will be back up. I just hope it's not down for good, and we have to move the show somewhere else.

Anyway, we'll find a way to get you new episodes as soon as we can find out what's wrong.

Thanks for listening, and for your patience.

-C and T


Thomas Collin said...

Problem with the "sight" eh? Well, I'd say work on the focus. Hahaha...

Hey, It's either lousy jokes or I bombard you with interminable e-mails some more, your call.

Curtis said...

Ahh poop! You got me with your mistake noticing powers. I'm not even going to change it. From now on the only way to spell all homonyms of site is sight. Let the dictionary people know.


Curtis said...

Hey anyone who reads these comments,

I Just checked the podcast site and it's still down, but at lest now they have a message that tells me they are fixing the problem, and updating the servers. I may still move the podcast just to have it on a more reliable site.I'll warn everyone on the show before I move it, so no one thinks we're dead.


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