Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Episodes 14 to 16.5

Well I've been pretty terrible at keeping this page updated, But if you've subscribed to the show you should be up to date with the podcast episodes at least. Anyway, Here's a few Episodes to fill your days and nights.

Episode 14 - Feb 23
Episode 15 - March 3

Episode 16 and
Eps. 16.5 - March 4


Angie's Jewelery and other creations

My Latest animation endeavor

And a very odd Hasselhoff video


Blake said...

Speaking of Old people. Today, an old man said to me,"Pretty Cold out today," and I turned to him and said to him,"That's how you know your alive".

Not realizing that this guy had a cane and was inching his way across the parking lot looking like he drop dead any minute.

I didn't mean it to be disrespectful to the old fart, I just wasn't thinking.

chumpmonkey said...

1. "eating like a bird" is awrsome.
2. i don't have a crush on tara. i have one on curtis.
3. the "where's the beef" phenomenon was from a wendy's commercial (which, sadly, spawned a series of commercials) featuring a little old lady driving like a maniac from one fast-food place to another looking for a burger with a sufficient-sized patty. for some reason, it caught on enough for people to start using the phrase in sitcoms, in movies, on t-shirts, in everyday conversation, etc.

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