Wednesday, August 29, 2012

CnTshow184…covered in poison

Another Super fun Show about Us, You and Everyone else. Maybe I'm still thinking about Batman Rise of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Maybe Thai Chi Master Scott needs a bank loan, maybe we even talk about rape whistles... maybe a lot of things.
Plus this is a super special outdoors episode where we go out side... and record more than one show.
So much special fun... wanna' hear our neighbors yell stuff? You kinda' can... for a while.

AND!!! We went on a field trip to the PBMD Podcast and tore that place... apart. It was awesome. Go ahead and listen to Tara and I Take over and pretty much DO "the Curtis and Tara Show"... during PBMD's show. It's awesome... then come back for more Curtis and Tara

You can lisen to it here

Episode 17: Podcast Battle Must Desist!

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