Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A case of Batman Neck

Sometimes when I sleep I must twist my head in positions that hurt. Then I wake up with a full case of Batman-neck.
Aaaand I am completely positive that Tara notices and moves everthing important to me, to a bottom shelf. I'm totally serious... While I'm not looking, she lowers everything... So it hurts every time I go to the fridge. Then she laughs quietly to herself.
I assume she laughs, as I have never actually seen her do that... but I know that she does and am one thousand percent positive. But she does it quit or in the car... so i don't have solid proof.

But Seriously... I know, and I'm not going to stand for it anymore... seriously... Like, serious-times a million cherries on top.

I'm not even kidding around here... I'm putting everything on the top shelves and throwing away the step stool. It's garbage-day, so it's even extra plausible. And do not even think about how serious I am... because I believe we covered that I am as serious as racehorse pissing.

So, let's recap:
Number one- Super Serious... No. Seriously.
Number two - Something about Tara... evil? i'll have to go back and check my notes.
And Third... revenge... Horrible, exhausting revenge.

OK... That was just for fun. You know that.... so don't say anything. To anybody.
No seriously. This was meant to be a private message between Tara, myself and some associates... You don't know them, so don't worry about it. But seriously... I'm just kidding.
I really couldn't be more serious about that than I already am.

Seriously... don't tell Tara that I know that she's secretly torturing me. It will only make it worse.
Wait... is this a blog?

No seriously... shhhh.


Hey Guys, The podcast is still down but as you read this we are working at putting it back up as soon as is humanly possible. Thanks, and i'll talk at you later.

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