Monday, October 11, 2010

Epsisode 105: Folk art grants and googly-eyes

Eps. 105 is filled with tales of art class past, finished stories of episode 4, imaginary situations they may or may not ever happen, and some sound effects.

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Blake said...

I didn't want a cat either, but befor we left for PEI there was a cat that would come to our doorstep. I felt bad for it and would feed it treats.

We even let it come into the house every once and while to lie down on rainy days. This went on for several months. We wondered what we were going to do with it when we left. So when we went home to Newfoundland that summer, the neighbor said that the cat didn't leave out patio for 2 wks.

The neighbor actually threw food over to it so it didn't starve. It was after coming back that we decided to adopt the cat and bring it with us.

He is the friendliest cat u will ever meet. Never once did he claw and bite and you could dress him like tinkerbell and he wouldn't move.

I would choose to adopt, the other cats will get used to him/her in no time.

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