Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eps 103: Nobody cares about Chicken

Episode 103. Sit and listen to many stories about many things...or don't sit, 'ts really up to you. Maybe you jog....Hey! have a nice jog.

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Blake said...

That's funny when you were talking about the Dixie place because everything you say about that place is how I feel towards lick a chick.

Sorry, sorry, I guess you have to have grown up with it, but holy cow, how I don't like the chicken there.

I'm here in PEI now looking for the next best chicken place, so far nothing.

Blake said...

I too had a rat tail that was braided and it was 12 inches long. I cut if off in grade 12. When it wasn't braided it was like a little pig curled tail.

Blake said...

so I am commenting has I am listening. If you didn't get the thing in the mail by now, then something has gone horribly wrong.

No worries, I can send another and at no cost to you, so its all good.I just have to go home and get it outta the fridge and package it up correctly and better.

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