Thursday, July 29, 2010

Episode 100!!!! We made One-hundred of something!!!


This episode is jam Packed with an update on Crazy Old man Jenkins, Mike White supplies some hilarious audio, a couple of improvs involving Star Trek Transporter Operators, jedis and droids, and a 911 call, plus some stories, post secrets, and urban words. I'll say it again...It's Jam packed!

Episode 100 (Via podcast


My Name Is Mitch said...

Turtis! Cara!
You should have come buy some of my washer toss on Connaught! We sell ours for 30, but their official size, and built stronger than those plywood bottom 25 dolla ones. We got ladder golf and trellises too.

My Name Is Mitch said...

Also, congrats on the 100th show! : )

Jordan said...

Man, wish I could download it. Guess I'll have to wait until I get internet at home. Congrats! Can't wait to hear the next 100!

Blake said...

congrats, there is something in the mail head your way!!

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