Sunday, April 25, 2010

Episode 89: The Lost cats of Avatar

This weeks episode we discuss lost, Avatar, cartoon cats, the animation industry, the Tiger Woods video game, and much more.

And here's another Video Blog by Milo...


chumpmonkey said...

vulcan is indeed a town in alberta. some people from their tourism board were lobbying for the producers of the latest star trek film hold their big premiere in vulcan, alberta. the reason nimoy went there was as part of the talks about the possibility. to call public attention to the possibility of this happening, they convinced him to come and do a big public appearance and stuff.
the crazy part of it all? the woman from the vulcan tourism committee who was heading up the whole thing? a good friend of mine in high school. no lie.

Josh Rodgers said...

I just saw The Fourth Kind last night. It was dumb.

Kinda reminded me of Blair Witch but with more retarded screaming and floating around

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