Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blog Update 2010

I did a little revamp of the blog...I should probably drop a link to post secrets and urban word as well. Enh, maybe later.

So I finally got a podcast player on the side where you can not only listen to the newest episode, but you can also click the little "post" button and scroll through the entire catalog of over 86 hours of nonsense and jibber jabber. It updates automatically so no more broken links.

Remember to click the Podcast alley link at the side every month to give us a quick vote to let the rest of the world know we exist. (you can comment when you vote, but you don't have to)

I hope the new setup is cleaner and easier to use.
Thanks for listening and/or supporting.


PS. Vagilant


Biff said...

I am loving the new look!

Gwardo said...

How weird. Your podcast is one above my podcast on PCA in you snapshot.

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