Monday, February 1, 2010

Episode 80: Interactions with, Vampires and Mike Holmes

Episode 80
A Somewhat special episode...Special in that we do a lot more improv than we would normally do and put it all in one episode. Enjoy.


Blake said...

That was seriously some the funniest shit I've listen too on any podcast.

You put the CBC comedy podcast to shame.

Tara said...

YES!!!! haha, THANK DARRYL!!

I thought nobody liked it because there weren't any comments right away, like ahhhh WTF is this, this isn't the podcast I usually ENJOY!!! and everyone is too afraid to tell us...
But you like it you really like it!!! No shit! Whooo hooooo
Me happy now ;)

chumpmonkey said...

that was hilarious! (sorry, i was late listening to it.) i love that a regular feature of all your improvs is an indistinguishable accent thrown in for no evident reason.

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