Monday, February 15, 2010

Action Figure Theater

So, I had the brilliant idea of doing another set of Curtis and Tara Interactions. Except this time I made her pretend to be toys from the shelf. It's a 7 part series on youtube. Oh and sorry about the video, my computer died and it's taking me a while to get things back in order. So the video wasn't imported properly andit can't be fixed. YAY!

Part 2 - Wonder Woman and Rapheal
Part 3 - Wonder Woman and the Crow
Part 4 - Jesus and The Wonderful Woman
Part 5 - Aliens in the Office
Part 6 - Savage Love...Dragon
Part 7 - Batman Returns...Again


johnJ.C. said...

sweet Elvis woulda tapped that. long live sweet Elvis!

Blake said...

That was some sexual tension there!! It was like Basic instinct all over again.

BrokenTV said...

Haha Those are amazing. Batman is the best. Yeah that's right I watched the videos but didn't listen to the podcast.

I shall however listen to episode 82.

Icha said...

The BMWW are too cute! Love them together. Thanks a lot!

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