Friday, October 9, 2009

An Animated Short by Curtis Carey

Curtis did an animated short with the help of
Jordan Roherty who choreographed the music


chumpmonkey said...

very cool. i love that there is secondary action in his nose!

chumpmonkey said...

by the way, did you guys forget something? there's no blog post announcing the upload of episode 63.

Blake said...

Don, can't you tell?! They don't care anymore! It hurts but all have to move on!

I knew this day would come, just didn't know it would be Episode 63. Episode 72 I could understand, but not 63. Maybe Ep 87, or 94. I even thought it was gonna be Ep 42 or 36, 5, 65, 73, 54, 66, 34, 23, 41, any number between 25 - 67.

Really any of those were my picks.

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