Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eps. 61: The blood is true?

Episode 61...That's a lot of episodes

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Biff said...

I think I've got some more music in my head that's ready to digitally barf all over my keyboard. Stay tuned, if you're interested in yet another theme song...

(also, because I have to sign up using my gmail account, this is Jordan)

^_^ said...

LoL! I love how the "Curtis & Tara" STD is like a 2 for one :) not only have you caught "Curtis" but you also got "Tara" - like "Herpes & Syphlus" - Go viral, rename the show the "Herpes and Syphlus show" Tara, how do you spell Syfflis?

Curtis said...

That would create much more of a stir than the names "Curtis and/or Tara".

Which one would I be? The one that's very irritating, or the one that makes you mentally insane?
Never mind, answered my own question.

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