Monday, August 24, 2009

Eps. 53: Elementary vs. kindergarten

Eps. 53

New Episode!!!

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Thomas Collin said...

What keeps me listening?

For one thing it's interesting. It's also relatable.

And you guys are funny as shit.

chumpmonkey said...

i've never understood why nova scotia uses the phrase "grade primary" for what the REST OF THE WORLD calls "kindergarten". for some reason, it makes me kinda mad.

Curtis said...

You should get mad Don, you should get mad enough to write letters and get that changed...for your kids sake. What if they grow up, move to another province then say the phrase "Grade Primary", out loud. They'll look like fools. Fools I tells ya'.
Someone needs to draw a line in the's too late for me, I've already played the fool. But for the children of the future Don.

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