Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Eps. 44: Pre-Corrupted Files

Episode 44

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Blake said...

I voted for the cat and so did 30 something of my computer friends.

Karyn on the other hand voted for Curtis, WHY? Well she made a pretty good argument. She figured that being on a deserted island with food running out.
Curtis would put up the least amount of resistance to being killed and eaten. While the cat and Tara would put up too much of a fight, resulting in losing more valuable calories.

My reasoning for voting for the cat. I just wanted to see a cat win, that and I'm a jerk.

Curtis said...

I have to say Karen's reasoning seems pretty sound to me.
I may run, but odds are pretty good that i won't put up a fight.

Karen Get's to survive, while you end up dieing of exhaustion chasing a cat.

Curtis said...

Holy Crap, I can't believe I just spelled Karyn's name wrong?! I love name's with Y in 'em. I'm gonna' flush my head in the toilet before she shows up and does it for me.

Blake said...

Content with the fact that I am on the island with a WINNER!!

Curtis said...

Ahhahahha, that's how I feel here too
(I call my house an Island).

Where is Everybody?