Sunday, June 7, 2009

Eps. 40: "Kill these Zombies"

Eps. 40: "Kill these Zombies"

Read about Tara and Clyde's "Happening":

MIRAMICHI - NBCC Miramichi students in media studies and animation programs got the opportunity to show off their artistic skills in a different way on Wednesday morning. Students in front of one of the cafes on Water Street.A group of students made their way down to Water Street to perform a "happening". A happening is a performance, event or situation that can be considered art. In this case, they all posed in the streets...(Click to read more)

Don's Music/Movie/Bowie - Trivia/Riddle answers:

1 and 2. The titles are "Seven" and "Seven Years in Tibet".
3. The star of both films is, of course, Brad Pitt.
4. The artist who performs both songs is David Bowie ("Seven" is from his album "...hours" and "Seven Years in Tibet" is on "Earthling").
5. Although neither of those songs is associated with the movie with which it shares a title, the film "Seven" does have Bowie's "The Heart's Filthy Lesson" (also on his album "Outside") on its soundtrack (during the closing credits, to be more precise).

But then, you probably knew all that.


Thomas Collin said...

"IGA"? Seriously? Well heck, pick me up a crunch bar, some humpty dumpty chips and a crystal pepsi for 89 cents because apparently it's the early 1990s!

And maybe after that, we can go for a ride in your beat up 86 celica to the marina and have a swim! They haven't figured yet you'd have to be an idiot to swim in that horribly polluted water.

Do you get it, or should I go on naming obscure things from my childhood I associate with IGA?

"IGA"?! What?!

Curtis said...

Thomas, You're childhood was about 15 minutes ago, not the early 90's.
The fact that someone so young recognized the "IGA", proves it's a perfectly relevant reference.

Oh and The Panther Transformer is "Ravage" I only realized about an hour after the show.


Blake said...

For all your Transformer needs, please email Darryl at "

All you Transformer questions and concerns will be dealt with in a orderly and timely fashion.

chumpmonkey said...

here's what i never got: the transformers that became animals. 'cuz they didn't look like animals, they looked like robot animals. what the crap is the point of a robot disguising itself as... a different kind of robot?

Thomas Collin said...

"So young"? You're only eight years older than me. I mean come on, I got a brother your age.

IGA still around, it's just it's such a regional thing, mostly in french communities. You're from Cap Breton, when have you ever been around an IGA long enough for it to fall in your lingo when talking about groceries?

Curtis said...

I used to buy my groceries from IGA all the time when I lived in Dartmouth. And there was always an IGA in Cape Breton...Why do I care about this? This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever tried to defend.

Agree to disagree

Curtis said...

Don, you are the smartest person in the world. I can't agree with you more.

Blake said...

Hey we have to be smart about this. We all remember the Planet full of apes?!! uh..uh....???

That's right, finally you now blend in!

Adam said...

If transformers "transform and roll out". What the heck do transmorfers do?

Where is Everybody?