Monday, April 27, 2009

We're on Facebook Beeeeh-chessss!!!!

Become a FAN today! write us a note,
let us know you care!
Invite all your friends!
They'll thank you in the morning.

Curtis and Tara on Facebook


Blake said...

After listening to your rant about religion and now having access to wonderful facebook.
I invite you to check out my new religion I made up about 2 weeks ago. So far there are only 5 rules.
But I predict that it will pick up any min now.
Its the Church of Foot.Check out my wall post on profile page for all said rules. Its gonna go places.... oh yes!....places!!!

chumpmonkey said...

you're on facebook now? man, curtis must be rolling in his grave.

Thomas Collin said...

No I'm not keeping up with the show, you topless riot loving square head!

I'm busy with other stuff, like being an asshole on mongoose hero by posting crooked and mediocre drawing and claiming I'm the best as a way to motivate the others, being unemployed and being prejudice against English people!

SQUARE HEAD!!!*Shakes fist like an old man*

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