Thursday, April 16, 2009

Eps.27 Coloring with Jesus

and Soccer fun Jesus


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chumpmonkey said...

listen, i recognized that, if i'm going to lay claim to the title #1fan, there were going to be certain obligations i'd be taking upon myself. ("with great power comes great responsibility," as my uncle ben said before i made a series of bad decisions that ended up leading to his death. funny story. i'll tell it to you one day.) problem was, i didn't know what any of those obligations would be. so i made one up. i knew someone was going to have to bite the proverbial bullet and take it upon himself to go back and listen to ep. 27 again, counting the number of times, between the two of you, you used the word "piss" in this episode. so i did it. the number was 48. that's gotta be some kind of record, at least for your podcast alone, if not for the podcast world in general. i don't know, maybe there's a podcast somewhere specifically concerning itself with urine that has used the word more often. i'll look into it.
incidentally, i have to agree with curtis's assessment that indivuals who are being urinated on possess certain rights and priveleges above and beyond those of individuals not being urinated on.

Curtis said...

I love being agreed with Don Don.

Speaking of urine, get ready for episode 29, There's a Unine story that may top 48....hmmm? or will it?
But then that's it for pee for a while...I hope.

Tara said...

psssssssssssssssssss....oops I just peed on the carpet ;)

Thomas Collin said...

Start a war with another show? You can't even keep up a feud with me, man!

Ain't that just like the english? "Bloody hell, are they attacking again? I thought we had a truce!" "Just because you keep saying it, doesn't make it so!"

I josh, I josh.

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