Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eps. 25 Why do puppies need enemas?

Episode 25-April 6th

Now... a turtle eating a pigeon.


chumpmonkey said...

dude! i'm finally caught up! i've just listened to seven episodes in two days, and now i'm finally caught up. also, i'm now officially a follower! i've actually gone checking before to see whether you had that feature installed on the blarg, and didn't find it. but as soon as i heard tara mention it, i went and registered as a follower. i see darryl's not a follower. hmmm.... #1 fan indeed!

Blake said...

hey, hey, wait, wait.....hold on...wait one...one....almost....ok ok, there, its done..whew!!, almost missed that one.

Take that Don!!! IF that IS your real name.....Don?

Kid Slickarus said...

It took me until now to realize that your show moved; I guess I have some catching up to do. I was going to try to be clever, but that boat has sailed.

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