Thursday, January 8, 2009

Episode 8: Snow Day in the Mirimichi

well it's not much of a snow day, but school was canceled, so it counts.
Anyway, Episode 8 is uploaded and it was a pretty fun hour.

Fun Links from this episode:

I am

Talk at you again in about a week

-C and T


Blake said...

yeah, I too heard the story about the kid driving himself to school and learning from GTA4. What the hell is someone doing letting their 6 year old play GTA4?!

I was surprised that I heard something sooo risque from PEI radio. Usually they have stuff like," Tell us your good Samaritan story" Which apparently all you have to do to get yourself in one of these feel good stories on the radio is shovel someone elses driveway.

Yup, that's it, shovel someone elses driveway and your just has good has Jesus. Way to go!!!

Gillian said...

Aww I miss my Cardboard house :3

Curtis said...

I miss builing tiny offensive house

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