Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Episode

Well folks, here's the first episode of our weekly podcast.
I hope everyone enjoys it. We'll try to keep it fun.

The link to the right should play the show.
Or you can search "curtis and tara" on i-tunes and subscribe.

I'm working on a subscribe button now.
(sorry for the inconvenience, we're still working out the bugs)



^_^ said...
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Gillian said...

aww man I'm totally the asshole who talks about their pets all the time haha
That dinner theatre sounded horrendous!! yikes!

^_^ said...

DUDE! BEst SHOW EVER!!!!! I'm only 13minutes in and it's great! Tara ROCKS as co-host! She should have replaced me on Dear Internets years ago!

can't wait for more!

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